Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tree # 165–171

Guess I was feeling a bit lazy. 9-14-12

Finally got to take myself another walk to Lakeside Park
 and sketched a one-sided tree I hadn't really looked at since
last winter. Looks very different since then. 9-18-12

I am waiting too late in the evening to sketch, and by then it's already dark.
It is not very satisfying to sketch things I've made up.
Does that mean I'm a plein aire sketcher at heart? 9-22-12

Just a tree. 9-23-12 
Still experimenting with a 4B woodless pencil loaned
to me by a friend. 9-24-12

Still experimenting with that 4B woodless pencil loaned
to me by a friend. 9-25-12

Every day, I drive down a street and try to remember
how the trees form a canopy over the street. Of course
I don't stop to take a photo because I need to get to work,
or I'm eager to get home, or I don't have a camera,
or, or, or.... This is the best I can remember,
but of course, it isn't right. Tomorrow, I must stop. 9-26-12

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